Toonaria Campaign Setting

After looking at the samples I gave you over the past two weeks, while they were fun ones, I noticed that saying I barely scratched the surface of what sort of adventures you could have in the Toonaria Campaign Setting wasn’t boasting, but a big understatement.

There are post-apocalyptic regions to explore, great mech/abomination/bio-mutant arena events (that you can actually be a part of, and that have meaning and a story beyond simply smashing up cities—as if giant monstrosities trashing cities needs an excuse!)

You’ve also got superheroes, sprawling dungeons, weird, warped realms where the GodStorm has turned everything upside down, twisted time, creatures, technology and magic, secret, high-tech societies, an adult amusement park in which the guests can slip into living steel bodies and go off on wild adventures, space exploration, a bizarre dream world that can change lives forever, epic races and other contests, including an ever-changing, “living” maze built by the ancient Architects, and far, far more going on.

As such, I’ll revisit the Adventures In Toonaria series later and give you some more adventure seed examples. Sound good?

Okay, I’ve been crazy busy lately, so rather than launching into another topic shortly after midnight, I’ll keep this post short and sweet and dive into Toonaria once more next week and share some goodies, rather than rushing something out when I should be in bed. Have an amazing rest of the week, my friends, and as always, don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t, and let me hear from you. Have a question about Toonaria or want me to cover a particular topic sooner, rather than later? Let me know—thanks!


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