QT Games LLC was formed in 2008 by Bob Whitely, for the purpose of creating and publishing dynamic roleplaying games, novels, and card and board games. But we’ve been around for well  over three decades, designing games and writing fiction. It was established officially January 1st, 2014. The next day, we launched our first Kickstarter for Arcane Synthesis: A Blended-Genre Anthology, a book about the Cosmoverse.

Bob_Whitely[Editor’s note 5/31/19: The rest of this is in serious need of an update. I’ll do it soon.]
Bob Whitely is a writer and commercial artist with over 33 years experience in both game design and conceptual design. QT Games’ primary focus is currently on Cosmothea, a multi-genre and blended-genre roleplaying game and the Cosmoverse Campaign Setting that is being revamped and expanded for publication.

On it’s 5th major revamp, Cosmothea, like QT Games, has been around for decades, but only recently has Bob decided to put together a Design Team and pursue the product line commercially. QT Games’ first anthology is currently in the hot seat under heavy development and a good start has also been made toward another upcoming project: A Strange Acquaintance, Book One of the Nexus Gates Trilogy. The trilogy will take a back seat until the anthology is off and running, but Bob likes to bend time and work on more than one project at a time. This keeps the creative juices flowing!

Bob has written and produced numerous plays and skits that have been performed both in Las Vegas and abroad. He has also done a bit of ghost writing, a little editing and written dozens of other stories and worked on three novels over the years.

He also runs Play-by-Post games set in the vast, Cosmoverse, and has even found time to play all of the Halo games (though his tireless fascination with pen and paper RPG’s has resulted in getting his butt kicked more often than not, in Halo multiplayer matches).


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