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Mysteries of Toonaria: Part 3

Sky arks are made up of seven layers of floating island chains held aloft by mysterious obelisks, aethyrstone and the will of the gods. The primary sky ark that we’ll be focusing on includes the following seven layers from top to bottom: Xanadu, Elementara, Arcasia, Colossea, Storm Garden, Everdark and Zothmaru. The PC core species start on either Arcasia, home of the gubblings, or Colossea, realm of the titans. Continue reading

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Mysteries of Toonaria: Part 2

“How is this even possible?” He shuddered when he thought back over the past forty-eight hours. “The GodStorm . . . it did this to me,” he whispered, as if to speak of it louder might summon the magical anomaly. He recalled the stories he’d been told in his youth of Deamond, Ariam, Lorel, Vomix and other gods who were swept up in the storm, lost forever, their spirits becoming one with the storm. He shuddered again. Continue reading

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Toonaria Campaign Setting

After looking at the samples I gave you over the past two weeks, while they were fun ones, I noticed that saying I barely scratched the surface of what sort of adventures you could have in the Toonaria Campaign Setting … Continue reading

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