Adventures in Toonaria Part 4

Hi gang, today I’ll be giving a few examples of the cool stuff you can do in the
Toonaria Blended-Genre Campaign Setting. Time is crazy tight lately, but I wanted to get this blog post out to you, as promised (well, a bit late, I know.) I might add a Part 5 so I can get you a few more examples before moving on. We’ll see.

First, I need to talk a little about settings and why I design mine the way I do (the adventure examples are below—I promise!)

There’s a ton of adventuring potential in a setting like Toonaria, far more than you can generally get with traditional, single-genre settings. Saying something like that isn’t really a boast (I know, it kind of felt like one to me, too as I wrote it), but when you’ve designed a storyline to encompass so many genres and concepts, you end up with a lot of cool stuff you can do.

I’m not knocking single-genre settings, or acting like someone else’s blended-genre (multi-genre/genre bending/Science Fantasy—whatever) setting wouldn’t also have lots of cool stuff to do. I just prefer a big sandbox to play in, and I like blending genres (a lot!), especially my own, since I blend them to be exactly what I want (and I’m betting exactly what many of you want).

Mind you, not every blended-genre setting offers a lot of diversity. For example, as cool as it would be to run a blended-genre setting mixing cowboys and magic and zombies together, if that’s all you do, that’s pretty limiting. If that’s all you want to do, great! I put it in the Cosmoverse setting for a reason! (It’s just one of a gazillion cool things you can do in that setting.)

I’m just trying to give you some context. Toonaria provides an epic, coherent storyline with numerous arcs (and you can add your own, too, of course!) As with my Cosmoverse setting, Toonaria doesn’t just toss cool things into a pot and hope nobody notices. it is a big setting. Not nearly as big as the Cosmoverse, but it’s got plenty of fun, epic stuff going on. I’m already throwing love at the Cosmoverse with my fiction—with more fiction and setting material to come—but it’s time to throw some love at Toonaria!

I seriously have nothing against single genres. But if you like blending things like fantasy and science fiction together, nothing beats blended-genre! (Btw, if you missed an earlier “part” of this topic, just scroll down.)

Ready? Okay, here’s a tiny sampling of what’s possible in Toonaria . . .

1. Space Station: The little epics go off on an adventure, having paid dearly for a map that an elderly merchant deemed worthless, but played up as if it was a chance of a lifetime. Oh, it took them to a cave all right, but there was no ogre’s treasure like they were told. Instead, they found a button on a wall, and when a curious gubbling pushed it, the whole gang ascended into the air as if pulled by invisible ropes.

At first, the view was amazing, though they were more than a little alarmed as they rose through a hole in the mountain high up into the sky. Above them—far above them— was a space station that received them openly. (Long story).

They explored the space station and deemed it was the work of the legendary Architects, which meant they stood a good chance of becoming filthy rich—if they could get any of it back down to Gubland where they lived. Unfortunately, someone way too button-happy pressed another button (yes, the same gubbling). “Security System activated” was heard in a cheery voice, and then things started getting very complicated for the wee ones who found themselves quickly looking for an exit!

2. Beyond the Gate: (Toonaria has loads of gates going to various locations)
“Step right up. Don’t be shy! Yes, it’s a real gate. A magical gate, and beyond it, a dungeon! Entrance is free of charge, but you’ll want to equip yourselves before you set off on a grand adventure—and that I can help you with! What? Danger, well, sure there’s some, but there’s also excitement, the lost treasures of the ancients and more. Today only, 10% off on swords. Heroes only, please! And you, sir. Yes, you with the big money sack!”

3. Freaks of Nature: “It hasn’t been the same since the children were moved into exile, those poor children—freaks of nature, all, for they were born with no powers. More merciful to exile them to the other side of the gate, rather than to keep them here, seeing how normal people live, knowing they will amount to nothing. Besides, it’s painful to look upon them. Powerless? How . . . ugly! Even so, we miss them, I suppose. But freaks are freaks.

I’m sure life will be easier there for them on the other side. It’s an empty dimension after all. It is empty, isn’t it?” The trench-coated man stared at his companion and frowned at the reply. “What do you mean that dimension was never fully explored? Nonsense. Surely—what do you mean the gate won’t open anymore? Bring the hover car around. We need to find the Gate Keeper at once. We’ll assemble a team. With our advanced weaponry, we can stand up to anything, surely. Don’t look at me like that. Freaks or not. Those are our children in there and they need us!”

4. Dungeon Sitters: The moobi’s ear twitched as arcs of magic danced between them. The little hero stared at the poster and smiled. “That’s just what I need. I’ve been bored, but no more! Let’s see now . . . Dungeon Sitter Needed: Full-time. Free food and lodging. No training required. Well, that sounds easy enough. I get to sit. I love sitting, especially when there’s something yummy to eat, and they did mention food!” The moobi reminded himself, the energy bouncing between his ears growing more furious and intense. he glanced over to a bucket sitting beside the well and released a portion of his power, knocking the bucket back down into the well, the length of rope tied to it chasing after it. Turning to the roboto, he said, “Let’s go together. You need a job, don’t you?”

The egg-shaped robot with two arms and no legs shrugged and smiled. The little antenna on its head began to spark. In response, the moobi’s ears erupted in arcane magic, accompanied by sparkles of various colors.

The roboto said, “Just what do you suppose a Dungeon Sitter does, my friend?”
“Dunno, guess it’s like being a baby sitter,” the moobi answered.
“Babies?” the roboto replied and shivered noticeably. “They scare me. So loud. I hope being a Dungeon Sitter is easier work!”
After one final glance at the poster to memorize the directions, the moobi nodded and together they headed out of town on Roboto’s floating platform, which moobi loaded up with scuttleberry pies in case the dungeon didn’t serve dessert.

That’s all for today. (Forgive me if you found a typo or three. I didn’t have time for serious editing. I just tossed that post together, as I’m running out of time.) I think I’ll give you some more examples next week and then move to another Toonaria/Epic Destinies topic!

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