Together Alone

I haven’t been bored since I was ten, and that was only temporary. It wasn’t long before I discovered board games, D&D, girls and other delightful pursuits. Now I’m fifty-five, and while I’d like to think my thoughts are deeper than they were at ten, I’m still basically a kid at heart, and I still get excited about many of the same things. I still don’t get bored and still like to dream and write, but sometimes my thoughts wander onto topics I didn’t spend much time thinking about as a kid.

As an author, I usually write fiction and do so after much brainstorming and outlining. Recently, I got up early before work and just started writing with no real goal in mind. I’m very productivity-minded, but I was thinking about a project I had to do at work and began writing something random as a joke. I was going to slip in a bit of fiction into a work project to shock whoever ended up reading it, likely my boss.

See, I recently found myself having to do a bit of technical writing at work (Although I’m a fiction author, I pay the bills as an artist during the day, so being tasked with doing some technical writing was quite a surprise.) Ultimately, I decided against including the text, but thought you might enjoy it (though I warn you – unlike my published works, none of this has been edited.) Still, I think it’s a fun read. It takes place in the murky future and is quite a diversion from my regular blog posts. Okay, here goes . . .

Silence has been an unbearable companion. Five of them lie still together, unmoving, and unable to reach out and embrace those who have been so physically close to them these past three hundred years. In life, they scarcely said a word to each other, but now with time to spare and regretting their past, they were desperate to seek forgiveness, to express their love for each other, but found they couldn’t utter a word. Five thousand pounds of rubble pressed against their ruined bones. Their organs, blood and sinew had long since abandoned them.

Shortly before they had succumbed to the wounds they suffered when the roof of their home had collapsed upon them during the mysterious GodStorm, the arcane energies within that very storm had embedded their minds and memories into their bones to ride out time ever thinking, but never able to voice thoughts.

Oh, how they wished they could wash away their past and start again – to not merely co-exist with those around them, but to embrace each other, to share in each other’s dreams and heart aches – to truly love each other. So many were the missed opportunities, now well out of reach. They lived outside of town where they wouldn’t have to interact with the outside world any more than they had to. Oh, the kids would have liked it otherwise, but they didn’t have a say.

The family had to drive forty minutes to the nearest gas station, an hour to the nearest store. Like others, they went to work, to school, to the market, but they resisted building relationships. It was easier that way – to just mind your own business, care for yourself, do your own thing – to just be, and not have to become embroiled in the affairs of others.

A downside they had not considered was when the accident happened, no one knew where they lived, nor thought to come looking for them. It was assumed they had simply left town, as so many others had before them. The family was soon forgotten, having made no lasting impressions on their community.

Together, the family was utterly alone with their thoughts, wondering what the others were thinking and wishing they had not squandered the opportunity life had given them. At different times, each had thought the very same things, but now for the first time, their thoughts were in sync, each thinking exactly the same thing at the same time, for they were no longer alone together.

Something had shifted above – they felt it in their bones. Someone was stirring through the remains of their fallen home. Opening the drawer in that ugly old dresser in the master bedroom, Scrambling over the rubble, they came to a fallen shelf below which were a number of broken picture frames displaying plastic smiles and unknown faces – some of them unknown, even, to the younger members of the family listening from below the rubble. Yes, someone was indeed sifting through the treasures the family had hoarded over the years, now ruined with time, if ever the things had been worth what they had cost.

With their arcane awareness, the family sensed their visitor was a young child exploring what was once their master bedroom. Below, the family listened as little feet passed overhead, from room to shattered room over broken glass, powdery carpet and unrecognizable clutter.

Without eyes and ears or other natural senses, the family focused on the child so free of worry or regret, so full of hope and wonder. They focused intently on each sound, until for the first time in hundreds of years an old sensation rose up within them – one they had long forgotten. They became hungry, and soon all other thoughts melted away . . .

So . . . did you like it? Hate it? Would you like me to write blog posts more often? Less often? What have I been up to, anyway? So many questions! Seriously, though, I’d love to hear from you. I’m not trying to live in a vacuum. As for what I’ve been up to – a ton. I have two finished novels waiting for formatting so I can put them on Amazon and elsewhere.

I recently put a novel up on Amazon (The Shadow Reaper – check it out – it’s a seriously good read!) Speaking of that novel, I’m in dire need of some more reviews. So far, all I have are editorial reviews – all from Goodreads. They’re all 5 star, thankfully, but I need some Amazon ones, too (hint, hint!) I’m also in the middle of a custom dice, art and fiction Kickstarter (getting close to launch), and am working on a really cool board game design.

If you haven’t read anything of mine, what are you waiting for? Good stuff, I promise! Get a taste for my universes and writing by signing up for my newsletter, which comes with a free novella!

After I format those other novels (Sea of Worms and reformatting Arcane Synthesis), I have a 4th that’s waiting for a final rewrite. It’s all been fun and exhausting. Hoping it will all be worth it!

Well, that’s all for today. Cheers!


About Bob Whitely/QT Games

Welcome to QT Games! Mission Never publish junk or waste people's time. Publish only high-quality fiction and games. 'Nuff said. Company Overview QT Games LLC was created to publish blended-genre (fantasy blended with sci-fi, etc.) fiction, board, card and roleplaying games for a discerning gaming community. Unlike most small press, we have very strict standards: Only pro writing, pro editing and pro art. That means that if we can't get it right, we find someone who can. We pay well for what we don't do in-house. We don't cut corners on quality. This means we stand to make less money than other small publishers, but that's okay with us. We value your time and money, so we're willing to take the bullet. We've designed a large number of games and written a pile of stories. Now we're polishing some of them and getting them out the door. 'Bout time, we know. Good stuff ahead!
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