Toonaria: Redd Syndrome


In case The Dark Over wasn’t enough to convince you that Toonaria isn’t just for kids or the kid at heart, I thought I’d share with you another dark aspect of this universe. Yep—Redd Syndrome!

Toonaria is 100% kid friendly, for those who want it that way, but it is also designed for adults to enjoy, providing both hard hitting stories and thought provoking environments (not just pie wars and fun, epic quests.) Sure, its cuteness rating is Way up there, but it’s your universe. You get to play how you want, and we’re providing the tools to make it happen. Any material that’s strictly for grown ups will be provided separately with a Redd label.

NOTICE: Let me be very clear about something. If you’re looking for nudity, shock art, or demented, sick stuff, you’ll need to look elsewhere, as we aren’t about that (better yet, may I suggest thinking about something else?) QT Games is a very positive, upbeat company, but we also know that good doesn’t exist in a vacuum—not everything is or can be happy go lucky all the time. Not only is that unrealistic, it’s also boring (Heaven being the exception, of course. Being free of evil, pain and fear rocks after all!) The greatest opportunity for personal growth and success is during hard times.

If you’re looking for something very cool and fun that’s also more mature in areas, Toonaria has that, too. Redd Syndrome is as far removed from the realm of the cute lil monsters as you want it to be. But let’s back up. Just what is Redd Syndrome? Got your seat belts on? Let’s roll!

Redd Syndrome is a Toonarian mental condition that causes its victims to experience hallucinations—sometimes violent hallucinations. Even a small cut will seem to be gushing gallons of blood. Movements will appear more harsh and aggressive. Anything negative is ramped up. All emotions are jacked up. Suffice it to say, Redd Syndrome makes Toonaria a very, dangerous, scary place to live.

Creatures with Pink Syndrome who are exposed to Redd Syndrome eventually normalize, but then begin displaying symptoms of Redd Syndrome. Like Pink Syndrome, the longer you are exposed to Redd Syndrome, the worse it is, and the harder it is to cure.

It was Awakened scientists led by Doctor Jonas Redd who created Redd Syndrome. They were desperate to cure those affected by Pink Syndrome. In their quest to reveal the harsh realities of life, they went too far. Their medicine was flawed, and everything spiraled out of control. Worse still, a powerful dystopian sanctuary began replicating the medicine in order to “help” the “barbarians” living in the surrounding regions “see” how horrible life was outside of their safe and cozy haven, in order to encourage them to come into the fold. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the dark lord, Malistar, got a hold of it, made his own little tweaks and ramped it up further still (Think Fight Club), introducing Redd Syndrome to the masses living around the great arena on the Colossea island layer.

Sadly, Redd syndrome is addictive and cheap on the Redd Market, providing an adrenaline rush and a “wild ride” for those foolish enough to subject themselves to it. There are many who have discoveRedd what Redd Syndrome really is and fight it at every turn, but it hasn’t been easy. It has pervaded many corners of Toonaria and doesn’t seem to be going away. Thankfully, most of the Awakened have stopped using it to convince unbelievers, but it has popped up all over Toonaria, thanks to Malistar and other dark forces.

That’s all for this week (sorry about the belated post. The holidays and needing to work on the upcoming Sea of Worms book has me rushing around. Until the holidays are over, our posts might be a tad erratic, but always interesting and cool, I promise!)

As always, I covet your thoughts. Want me to address a particular topic regarding Toonaria? I’d love to hear from you! Post below, join our forum, or email me (Bob) at [info @ qtgames dot com – put “Toonaria” in the Subject so it doesn’t vanish in the Spam folder]. Join our newsletter for a cool free book, behind the scenes and other goodies! Cheers!

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