Toonaria: The Dark Over


Something monumental happened eleven-hundred years ago (give or take, it was a chaotic time.) It wasn’t advertised. It wasn’t serialized, nor made into a movie. It just happened. Those who survived the ordeal could only provide a few obscure pieces of the puzzle. No governments remained to pick up the pieces and figure out how they fit together. No single leader arose to unite the scattered races and usher in a new era of prosperity.

Life simply started over. Some of us still have questions, and demand answers. We’ve read the signs, turned over stones and now know at least part of the truth. It is our lot to never know everything, to always be seeking, but what we do know has made us angry, and we aim to ensure everyone knows the pink has hit the fan.

According to millions of eye witnesses, there was an impenetrable darkness, a bone-chilling cold, and an unexplainable sense of loss followed by a peace that passes all understanding. I know––that’s not a lot to go on.

In stark contrast, we have salvaged sketches and snatches of text from charred books, and graffiti found in smoldering ruins. Such primitive records tell of the coming of the GodStorm. They depict the sun falling from the sky, as a sound like thunder rose to a deafening roar.

Apparently all communications networks died simultaneously. What technology wasn’t destroyed, malfunctioned, be it radio, missile silo, or two-slice toaster. Certain technologies were morphed into odd, arcane caricatures of their former designs. Many inanimate objects gained a semblance of life and crawled from the rubble. Screams and then profound silence followed, heralding a season of moonless, impenetrable darkness called the Dark Over.

The worst affected island layer was Colossea, which we now believe was the cradle of civilization. All of the cities, towns and villages on Colossea were found empty and in ruins. Others seemed to have simply vanished, their location found only on old maps.Thankfully, Storm Garden had never been a heavily populated island layer for the GodStorm continues to embrace it to this day.

Magic had always been a part of our society, but after that dark time, everything was dripping with magic. No, there was more to it than that. Way more. The Dark Over fundamentally changed how many viewed life and death.

We once blamed the Pink Syndrome on the GodStorm, but we now believe that storm was but one of the factors that resulted in the Dark Over. Those who have been “pinked” find it impossible to see how dark the world still is. They are incapable of recognizing the damage the Dark Over caused, or the evil that slinks in the shadows. Instead, they go through life happily oblivous of the Dark. It is difficult to imagine how the little races kept their sanity during the Dark Over, or before, without Pink Syndrome to ease their burden. But they have proven more resilient than any of us imagined.

Pink Syndrome prevents the pinked from seeing what’s really there. A corpse lying right before them would appear as a mound of grass, rocks or debris. When their eyes see blood, it runs pink, not red, and nothing we do can change that. Not unless we can get them out of the affected Pink Zones. Some of the awakened believe it might also be possible to force them awake by inflicting enough damage to their Pink Zone to shatter the illusion.

We’ve tried medicines, and they sometimes work for a time, but as soon as the unenlightened reenter the Pink Zones, they become pinked all over again, and forget the horrors of the past, or at least rationalize the madness as a bad dream or unfortunate misunderstanding.

Arcasia, where most of the survivors live, is blanked with the chemicals causing the delirium. Those who returned to Colossia are equally affected. Our scientists tell us the moon releases the chemicals during the night, and they are spread by the wind. Certain plants and creatures exude the stuff as well. Even some of our faithful have been exposed and succumbed to the pink. The pink is pervasive, so we must remain resolute in our mission.

Sadly, several of our number have succumbed intentionally, for the truth is almost too much to bare. It would be easy to just lie down and pull the pink over our eyes, but we believe the Dark Over will return. The last time, it caught the old gods unprepared and overwhelmed them. Some say the new gods will protect us, but they are weak. When the Dark Over returns we will be there, and we will be ready. We must reveal the truth, force the pinked to believe, and prepare for war. It’s time to take a stand.

–Jandaru, Leader of the Awakened

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from the Toonaria Campaign Setting source book. In case some of you were concerned, thinking the fact that the word “toon” is in Toonaria, let me reassure you that while many kids should fall in love with this blended-genre universe and the game can be played very family friendly, it also has a darker side that delves into more complex, mature topics that adults can sink their teeth into as well. Toonaria and Epic Destinies are not only for kids, after all.

Let me know what you think of Toonaria, and if there are any questions you have about it, or areas you would like me to explore further, I’m all ears! Join our newsletter to stay up on our upcoming releases, get early peeks, go behind the scenes, and get a free book! Till next week. Cheers!

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