Just how many universes are enough?

Do we really need another campaign setting? Another universe among countless universes? Isn’t Middle-earth, Forgotten Realms/Dark Sun/Eberron/Greyhawk/Dragonlance/Cosmoverse/(enter your favorite setting here) enough? Isn’t the real world enough? In a word: No. Not really, no.

Toonaria offers a universe unlike any other, and one that can bring back the warm fuzzies on a cold night when you’re at your wits end. Frankly, we need snugglebunnies, gubbies and the worlds of Toonaria more now than ever before. Let me illustrate:


Sure, the real world is crucial. We can’t live without it. And there are important things to do. But when you need a breather. When you’re looking for a smile, you don’t have to go any further than Toonaria. Those other universes are cool. They have their place, but so does Toonaria. It’s a universe I dreamed up over three decades ago, and have only grown more fond of as the years passed, and as I continued to write stories, illustrate, and make games about this wonderful realm.

‘Nuff said. Stand with me, and let’s make Toonaria blossom for our benefit, and for future generations! We’d love to hear your thoughts on Toonaria. We have great plans and many projects in the works. But we need you. You are an important element in making Toonaria a success. Without fans, the brightest dream fades. Stand with us and let us know your thoughts! Thanks, and see you in a week!



About Bob Whitely/QT Games

Welcome to QT Games! Mission Never publish junk or waste people's time. Publish only high-quality fiction and games. 'Nuff said. Company Overview QT Games LLC was created to publish blended-genre (fantasy blended with sci-fi, etc.) fiction, board, card and roleplaying games for a discerning gaming community. Unlike most small press, we have very strict standards: Only pro writing, pro editing and pro art. That means that if we can't get it right, we find someone who can. We pay well for what we don't do in-house. We don't cut corners on quality. This means we stand to make less money than other small publishers, but that's okay with us. We value your time and money, so we're willing to take the bullet. We've designed a large number of games and written a pile of stories. Now we're polishing some of them and getting them out the door. 'Bout time, we know. Good stuff ahead!
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