2 for Tuesday #8: God-Level Events in Cosmothea and Power Nodes

2-for-Tuesday-logoToday’s 2 for Tuesday is epic; rather, it is about God-Level events, and a bit of time is spent touching on the most significant and devastating event that has happened in the history of the Cosmothea: The GodStorm. We’ll also discuss power in general. Neither section will be exhaustive, but as most mortals are not aware of any of these details, you can skip this blog and join the masses, or learn something that few other mortals have a clue about! Shall we begin?

Part 1: God Level Events
I’ve mentioned the GodStorm before, most notably in the big Cosmothea video I made for the website recently. Here’s a rundown on the GodStorm (I’m still contemplating writing a novel about the event, so I won’t go into great detail just yet).

The gods have gone to war more times than anyone would like to believe. While they have battled openly on occupied worlds, often with cataclysmic results, including accidentally releasing Briq Waves that forever altered everything they touched, the gods and Illuminarii have also battled far away from mortal eyes. The most devastating God War of all time occurred in the mysterious Void, a place that makes even the most bold god squeamish. It is a place where divine power is unreliable. That God War resulted in the permanent deaths of numerous gods, and the destruction of many dimensions, both during the war and as a result of the GodStorm unleashed. But the seeds of that horrible event were planted several years before the first god stepped foot into the Void Arena discovered within that realm’s dark depths.

The Illuminarii, Zuledragar had sent an avatar off to do his bidding and lost contact with it. Such a thing seemed impossible, yet Zuledragar was also not able to reabsorb the avatar’s energies, and was therefore weakened. Zuledragar died soon after and was scattered across the cosmos for his crimes, by The One Above All. When he finally reformed, he began to seek out what had happened to his avatar, a construct with a copy of his personality and a portion of his power. Never before had the avatar – any avatar for that matter, been able to go beyond the range of a god’s ability to sense it, and Zuledragar was one of the most powerful beings in existence.

Soon after, dimensional storms started raging across several dimensions. They were growing in severity and the gods became alarmed. It was during this time that Zuledragar, still weak from having recently reformed, was building an army of gods to go to war, hoping to destroy the power centers of his enemies.

One thing led to another, and Zuledragar and his allies began killing any god not willing to join them, and then went to war. Amidst this chaos, some gods began vanishing, and others began acting strangely, and one god was exposed as being a powerful construct imitating the true god. Their investigation led them to the Void, where the armies descended upon the only seemingly stable location within that dark dimension: The Void Arena. That’s where everything unraveled. It is also there that they discovered the truth behind the storms and accidentally excellerated what came to be known as the GodStorm. Everything that died within the GodStorm was absorbed, lost forever.

The inherent energy tied up in each dimension that was destroyed also fed the storm, causing it to grow in size and intensity. It threatened to consume all of reality. No one has been able to stop its progress, nor even slow it down, but after the God War ended, the GodStorm did diminish somewhat. But the damage was already done and still rages on, though with less intensity, popping up on dimension after dimension. While Mortalis has been largely spared thus far, it seems only a matter of time before its effects are felt across the mortal realms. It has already seeped in, causing rifts, disrupting spells and causing other problems, including igniting Briq Waves across worlds and corrupting once reliable gates.

Everything the Godstorm touches, it changes, like a briq wave, but more dangerous and on a larger scale. Among the more minor effects, many animals became dire. Some creatures mutated, spells became less reliable, on one planet, a magical gate suddenly became corrupt and began infecting anyone that walked through it with zombieism. Inanimate objects suddenly gained a semblence of life, and other anomalies appeared.

By the time the GodStorm diminished in intensity and size, it had crippled nearly all of reality. Even some of the surviving dimensions are struggling to maintain stability and the storm is still moving in and out of the Void. The storm often appears with little warning, and though much weaker; the universe is still in danger of utter collapse.

Part 2: Power Nodes
The dimensions are filled with power, energy that enables the very fabric of its unique reality to exist and function according to its unique laws. Power flows through the land, the very air and through all living things making the dimension their home. The bulk of a dimension’s power, however, is embodied in special locations called Power Nodes. A Power Node might appear like an enchanted waterfall, an ancient tree, a giant statue, a sacred grove or some other notable feature, but it is imbued with vast magic. Normally, a power node is heavily guarded, usually by one or more servants of the god in control of the region.

Unlike in some universes, most of the gods in Cosmothea are quite limited in power. Such beings, while very powerful compared to mortals, are unable to hear the prayers of their distant faithful without special help. Only the One Above All is omniscient, and even the Illuminarii – the super gods, are not capable of such feats. As for the gods, they rely on power nodes to boost their sensitivity and use servants and guardians to help sift through the numerous petitions and prayers that drift to their realms. Power Nodes enable gods to do many things, including being able to grant high-level miracles without straining their own personal power reserves.

If all of the power nodes in a dimension are destroyed, the very dimension itself will collapse. The GodStorm disrupted hundreds of nodes, causing numerous dimensions to vanish, along with millions of those who dwelled there, including dozens of gods. Anyone caught in a dimension when it collapsed became one with the GodStorm or if they managed to escape, was gravely injured, which made them vulnerable to competing gods. Untold numbers were lost. The gods and some of their artifacts that were absorbed increased the GodStorm’s intensity and size and it soon spread across all of reality.

Fortunately for mortals (though they were largely unaware of the GodStorm), they had two things going for them: 1) Most mortals do not live in areas heavily hit by the GodStorm (not yet anyway), and 2) low level miracles do not require power nodes nor even the dimension of the adept’s deity.

First, second and third level miracles do not come from an adept’s deity, though a wise adept thanks their deity none-the-less, but the power is actually siphoned from planal residue bleeding off of their god’s home dimension using the adept’s prayer template. Unless a god, or one of their assigned minions, intervenes, there’s nothing that can stop an adept from using 1st-3rd level miracles, unless they are standing in a dead magic zone, one of many bi-products of the GodStorm.

Miracles of 4-6th level can be obtained by gaining favor with one’s god such that they are on a list of accepted prayers. The god’s Power Node guardian or one or more assistants, handles all incoming prayers and routes the power for the requested miracle to the adept’s prayer template, as long as there are no red flags caused by an adept’s improprieties, rebellion, etc.

Miracles of levels 7-10 traditionally require special permission by an adept’s god, or a special relationship, and therefore only the most faithful followers ever see such miracles granted. The power for these high level miracles is always drawn from either an artifact or a Power Node, so that the god is not affected by the output.

Power Nodes are useful for more than tracking followers, granting miracles and enhancing senses, however. A god who is able to wrestle control of enough power nodes on a stable dimension, builds a Dodecadrome, resulting in being able to alter reality across the dimension and gain High Celestial status. A being in such a position can raise powerful armies, create structures of great power, increase their influence even further, create fantastic creatures, and even bestow godhood upon mortals or increase the ranks of allied gods; a High Celestial is extremely difficult to kill.

But now there are far fewer Power Nodes, and while it was a divine war that caused the decrease in Power Nodes to begin with, it is that limited access to power that may well cause another God War in the days ahead. Such an event is likely to happen sooner rather than later, as the struggle heats up among the desperate, power hungry gods. And because the gods are so obsessed with ensuring their own place in Cosmothea, mortals are sometimes sacrificed in the race for power or find their prayers not as effective as they once were.

This tension between mortals and gods has become heightened in recent years as with limited resources, some nodes are no longer as well protected as they once were, and so some extraordinary mortals have managed to stumble upon and defeat node guardians or even destroy a node, unaware of the danger they are in or what imbalance of power they might be causing. Indeed, only the most loyal and faithful followers have managed to thrive during these difficult times. Many others are at best ignored, and at worst, have suffered the wrath of frustrated, desperate beings.

Note: The GodStorm, like the rest of the content on this page is copyrighted, material taken from the Cosmothea Blended-Genre Roleplaying Game and official Campaign Setting. ©2013 QT Games LLC. All rights reserved. But then you knew that, right?

P.s. I had this blog written on Tuesday but I had to make a choice between publishing it on Tuesday or being a few minutes late and formatting it, which pushed me into Wednesday. So I chose to have it more presentable. Sue me, I’m not changing this to 2 for Wednesday! If I’m ever late with a blog, 9 times out of 10 it’s because I’m trying to cram in extra goodies for you, so late is often good news when it comes to my blog (unless you’d rather my posts were shorter that is. Want them shorter? I can do that. I was just trying to give you more bang for the buck… er bang for the… er click? I dunno.

Till next Tuesday… have a great week folks! Want to learn more about Cosmothea? Check out our forums and our facebook page! Follow, like, subscribe, all that good stuff, and you’ll be kept up-to-date! Any questions or areas of Cosmothea you would like me to explore more? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!


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