Monday Minute #2: Cosmothea and Beyond

ImageWelcome to our second Monday Minute! I’ll mention this one more time for those just coming on board: Our Monday Minute zeroes in on either a random fun fact about the Cosmothea Universe, discusses a game mechanic or provides an update on QT Games and what we’re up to. So, that makes three different ways to enjoy a little bit of Monday! ‘Nuff said. If you are still reading, let’s roll! Today’s Monday Minute focuses on the Cosmothean Cosmology, specifically the 3 largest dimensions.

The Void
An unmappable, seemingly infinite realm larger than all others, the Void seems to follow no set of consistent physics; it is a constantly changing realm of chaos and death where one becomes cut off from all things both magical and mundane. Technology rarely functions properly, if at all within this realm. It has been said that the Void is the chaff left over after the universe and dimensions were created by the One Above All. Even the gods cannot scry upon, nor safely enter the Void and expect to return unharmed. It seems to be literally the great beyond. It is a good size larger than any other dimension.

The Void grants access to but one dimension: The Pale. Both the Pale and the Cosmothereal are transitionary realms leading to all others. One cannot leave a dimension without passing through either the Pale or her smaller dimensional brother, the Cosmothereal.

The Pale
Also called the Veil and the Spirit Realm, this ghostly, ephemeral place is a strange realm where angels and unspeakable evils roam; it is a place where none may live nor remain for long in peace. It is a phased realm with no permanent, solid structures. The second largest realm in existence, covering even the area occupied by the Cosmothereal, the Pale is used primarily by divine creatures. Discovered by scientists in the Interstellar Alliance, seeking a safe jump route, the Pale seemed the ideal dimension due to its size and the lack of solid structures.

All galactic races now use it as the primary “Jump Space” dimension for species with jump drive technology. A psi-infused realm of dreams and memories, those who stay long within the Pale’s milky embrace are sometimes left with strange and sometimes terrifying stories; some are forever changed.

A creature moving through the Pale is able to view both creatures and structures within the Cosmothereal, though without special talents they cannot interact with them, and with the proper focus, creatures in the Pale can also see blurry images of those in other adjacent dimensions.

The Cosmothereal
The next largest dimension known, called simply Cosmothea by its inhabitants, the Cosmothereal is a sea of magic, mystery and splendor. It houses all twelve of the Lesser Realms, Mortalis (the realm of mortals), and a mysterious pocket dimension called the Nexus. It is a melting pot of cultures; a realm long ago discovered and used by mortals to pass between the worlds of mortals and it is the original and primary source of all arcane magic. Unlike other realms that largely contain their borders, the Cosmothereal bleeds into other dimensions at many points, and is a place where both gods and men dwell, and is dotted with floating islands and other grand structures.

The Cosmothereal dimension actually occupies the same area as Mortalis and the Nexus, enabling those who leave those dimensions to slip right into the Cosmothereal or into the Pale. In fact, it is impossible to enter any other realm without first passing through either Cosmothea or the Pale. While not as easily navigable as the Pale, the Cosmothereal boasts many stargates, wormholes and planal rivers that enable those who know how, to cross vast distances in a relatively short period of time. It is in the Cosmothereal that the great ring world, Cathor, resides and it was to the Cosmothereal that the elves fled in the end days of the great elven/gnomish war when their homeworld of Prax was destroyed. And it was in Cosmothea, that great artifacts were forged and the Nexus was made and remade in folly.


About Bob Whitely/QT Games

Welcome to QT Games! Mission Never publish junk or waste people's time. Publish only high-quality fiction and games. 'Nuff said. Company Overview QT Games LLC was created to publish blended-genre (fantasy blended with sci-fi, etc.) fiction, board, card and roleplaying games for a discerning gaming community. Unlike most small press, we have very strict standards: Only pro writing, pro editing and pro art. That means that if we can't get it right, we find someone who can. We pay well for what we don't do in-house. We don't cut corners on quality. This means we stand to make less money than other small publishers, but that's okay with us. We value your time and money, so we're willing to take the bullet. We've designed a large number of games and written a pile of stories. Now we're polishing some of them and getting them out the door. 'Bout time, we know. Good stuff ahead!
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