Monday Minute #1: The Ancient Builders of Cosmothea

ImageAs promised, here’s our first Monday Minute! (Hopefully you caught my earlier mention that these would take longer than a minute to read, but I wanted you to feel cozy that these wouldn’t take long to read – and they won’t – last reminder). Even made a simple logo for it to show I mean to keep it short (at least short compared to my previous posts)!

Barring sickness, abduction by aliens, walking through a magical portal and finding myself away from an internet source, or other conundrum, I’ll post a Monday Minute every … um, Monday. I’ll zero in on a random bit of fun, like a game mechanic in the Cosmothea Blended-Genre RPG, something about the setting, or provide an update on QT Games and what we’re up to. So, that makes three different ways to enjoy a little bit of Monday!

Still reading? Great, here we go!

The Architects: Ancient Builders of Cosmothea

It is not generally known, much less believed, that the ancient Architects, whose inventions and tampering with the universe were originally the creation of the gnomes of Prax, but it’s true. While the gnomes have long since lost their superior knowledge and understanding of advanced technology, and it was that first Architect that rebuilt itself and then built many of the Architects that followed, not the gnomes themselves, in the beginning, was a great scientist named Malidar, a gnome known as much for his scientific genius as for his viciousness and obsession with the concept of time travel.

These days, the gnomes on many worlds are just entering the Industrial Age, though some that have found themselves living on more technologically advanced worlds have managed to at least keep up with the local populous, in terms of tech level, the glory of the gnomes being a thing of the distant past.

Architects have since moved far beyond the gnomes they once considered gods, discovering the truth and while little is known about them, a few facts have been gleaned from examining Architect ruins and uncovered objects of power and wonder:

There are at least 40 Architects known to have existed, and some of those have made lesser creations, but their leader is Ominar the Alpha Prime, also known as The First.

Apparently, Ominar created the majority of the Great Builders who went throughout the universe building great monuments, ring worlds and other structures that continue to baffle us to this day. Ominar also built the Travelers, and they are the ones who dotted the universe with stargates or jump gates as some call them. It was the Travelers, if our research is accurate, who uncovered many mysteries, confronted the gods, experimented with magic and other mysteries and are said to maintain a detailed library of all knowledge in the universe, if such a thing can be believed.

Archeologists from more than two dozen worlds generally agree that apparently some of the Architects were flawed or became unstable, and there is evidence that some of their number went to war with each other and caused some worlds to become corrupt, uninhabitable, stirring up chaos, but to what extent is unknown.

Finally, it is thought that Overseers, some of the most powerful Architects such as Agathon the Peace Maker, Arkinon the Analyzer, Korvus and others, may have been the creation of yet another Architect not yet revealed. Some mortals worship the Architects as gods, to the consternation of the true gods.

Many are the mysteries of the Architects and some fear we have yet to see the full extent of their impact on the universe. Recent sightings of seemingly newly created Architechnology suggests they are still very much active, but to what end is anyone’s guess.

[Editor’s Note] Ok, be gentle. This was my first Monday Minute. I’ll do my best to make them take at least one minute less to read than this one did, in the future!


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