Life Beyond the Earth Part 1

I wanted to cover some of the background details about life in the more advanced regions of Cosmothea. It’s important to note that with hundreds of worlds, it wouldn’t be realistic, nor accurate, to just say here’s what’s going on, because different things are happening on every planet, but I’ll attempt to provide an overview, focused on one particular region of space for this post. Many planets even within a single empire have no contact with each other whatsoever, and many others have no official contact, just an occasional visit from another world, either by ship or gate.

I had to stop and chop a bunch out of this blog post, as it was becoming a novella, heh, so hopefully it is coherent! I’ll make it multiple parts so as not to freak out anyone with its length. I didn’t want yet another day to go by without posting. Still with me? Great, let’s see how much ground I can cover for you…

There are three great galactic empires: Humanus Republic, Interstellar Alliance and the Hordaq Imperium. There are several other significant, distant empires that are still noteworthy, including the Cragg Federation, Mynax Empire, Xynyx Hive and a few others, but we’ll focus on the Humanus Republic.

The Humanus Republic borders both the Alliance and the Hordaq Empire in a narrow wedge between two dark nebulae. Fortunately, relations have always been good with the Interstellar Alliance, which has been a boon, as the Hordaq are expansionistic and seem to have very low regard for life, enslaving planet after planet with their massive fleet. Both the Humanus and Alliance were desperate to keep the Hordaq at bay at all costs, which eventually resulted in them luring humans into the conflict.

Long before the humans of Earth discovered the Asteroid Gate, sorted out how to activate it and went through to discover and colonize Endama, the Humanus Republic was a thriving region of space with a sizable military, consisting of dozens of respectable warships and a great many mech squadrons, some piloted by humanus, others by A.I. Robotics.  A.I. integration has always been a key focus among the Humanus, who were not the slightest bit technophobic. In fact, while the humanus are genetically identical to humans, they are a diverging species obsessed with integrating technology at every level of society, embracing wholly different worldviews and customs.

Although the humanus seemed less surprised to meet humans than we were to find them dozens of parsecs away from Earth, they told us of their prophecies foretelling our arrival, and embraced us with open arms, or so it seemed. Even so, it was a jarring event for both sides, and neither was prepared for the rapid integration that followed, necessitated by the desperation of war and the weakened condition of the colonists who were fleeing a dying Earth.

Unfortunately, our first contact was under less than ideal circumstances, for the Humanus and Alliance were embroiled in a bloody war with the ruthless Hordaq Empire, and it was not long after Endama was settled that the Hordaq attacked the colonists from Earth. The Alliance, predicting their enemy’s move, were quick to equip the survivors of Earth with greater firepower and faster ships, made possible by the technologically advanced taager who recently joined the growing Alliance.

Two military fleets patrol Humanus space and form the United Humanus Strategic Command (UHSC): The native Humanus Defense Fleet (HDF) control over 20 allied worlds and numerous colonies, scientific observation posts and outposts over the majority of interior of Humanus space, while the human-controlled Colonial Defense Fleet, patrols a smaller segment, including the Hordaq and Alliance borders.

By 3057 AD, the Colonial Defense Fleet (CDF) has colonized and absorbed over a dozen worlds in addition to maintaining dozens of colonies and outposts, but patrolling the borders while also attempting to support individual worlds has become a herculean task. Lacking an efficient galactic network and enough resources, and with a strained relationship not only with some of its own worlds, but with the Humanus capital on far away Tandem, things are looking bleak.


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