The Gods of Cosmothea Part 4b of 4

In the Absence of the first High Celestials, more wars and more deaths followed as the lesser gods wrestled for control, but Ranos returned to the Shadow Realm for a time and reconsidered his actions, surprised to find his conquest less satisfying than he’d assumed. He also began to look to the days ahead and what he discovered, disturbed him and sent him into depression. With all his power, he could find no further course of action that aroused him, nothing that could assuage his festering depression. When finally he did wander beyond the Shadow Realm, it was to travel the universe to confirm his suspicions that the universe was in decay, and to find new purpose, for nothing could satisfy him any longer.

Though Mithra, Seth Baal and Raea eventually returned, they were either incapable or unwilling to do what was needed to restore order, and repair the damage that had been caused in their absence, nor what they themselves had wrought before Raea’s madness. It became clear that things would never be the same again, that their time was coming to an end, and perhaps with it, the rest of the universe, for already, in several dimensions, dark clouds gathered and a storm unlike any other, seemed eminent. Such was the Age of Chaos.

The gods largely ignored the warning signs, Distracted by internal conflicts and lacking sufficient resources, they had to rely on lesser beings to relay, interpret and answer the prayers of all but their most faithful followers. Sometimes their proxies didn’t handle the mortals’ petitions in a manner their lord would have desired. Everything was slowly unraveling, revealing a situation the gods were finding increasingly difficult to ignore, yet another god war was on the horizon, and it threatened to tear asunder the very fabric of the universe itself.

During this time, many of the mortals still clung to the ancient religions and new ones continued to be added regularly. As such, the spiritual waters became muddied, and with greater regularity, mortals were turning away, choosing to ignore the gods altogether, rather than take the time to sort out truth from fiction.

Lately, however, a few of the true gods have been reasserting themselves, attempting to reestablish a relationship with the mortals whose doubt grows with each new technological marvel; and with the return of other powerful beings such as the Architects, ancient A.I. who have left their mark on as many worlds as the gods themselves have touched. And with the rise of super powered augments, only the most zealous still turn to the gods of old, or even to the new, and only the most faithful still hear them calling.

The High Council of the Gods and the laws of Limited Intervention became a distant memory during the Age of Chaos. Neither Ranos nor the other High Celestials even attended half the new Council meetings. Mithra withdrew almost completely, changed by the events that had transpired during a secret war of the gods, ed by Zuledragar, while Seth obsessed over spreading his Brotherhood to as many worlds as possible. Raea kept to herself, busy with internal politics within her own realms. Now the gods walk the mortal plane at whim, some in disguise, others in the open, but all are watching, just as the Architects do, who are themselves worshipped on some worlds.

The planal storms came, out of the Void, across the dimensions, and rage even now. Many dimensions collapsed under their fury and with them, gods and mortals alike were lost. Those that were cast into the Void have not returned and because the storms are carrying along the unstable essence of the Void itself, magic has been disrupted and objects built on magic have become unreliable in some areas. Some creatures and objects have become fused with Void energy and have become corrupted, causing further chaos. These and other horrors have recently unfolded. While the storm or storms seems to be passing, its full impact is unclear as both gods and mortals are only beginning to unravel its mysteries.

It is under these dire circumstances that mortals are born and live and die in the Cosmothea universe. It is up to them to rise above the mire, make a difference in the short time they have, or allow the storm to sweep them away leaving nothing behind, but a fading memory of their passing.

* * *

We’ll take a look at other events within the Cosmothea universe another time. These last 5 blog posts were pretty crammed full with a broad-sweeping overview of how divine events turned life upside down. I’ll go into more detail on various points in a novel, short story and elsewhere when the game reaches the market, and here too, if anyone wants to hear about it. Next up, I’ll talk about the magic system in Cosmothea. Thoughts? Comments? Let me hear from you. Thanks!


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