The Gods of Cosmothea Part 2 of 4

In the beginning was Jehovah, the One Above All. For reasons of his own, he created the first god, Chronus, and many gods that followed, including the three super gods, Kyara, Xokilar and Zuledragar. The Three, collectively known as the Illuminarii, were tasked with mentoring, inspiring and serving the lesser gods, leading by example.

Kyara was excited by the prospect, but Xokilar cared little for gods or mortals and desired only to master magic. The notion of servitude did not sit well with Zuledragar, who displayed his anger by killing his brother, Xokilar, and attempting to rape his sister Kyara. The One Above All hid Kyara away from Zuledragar and his servants, then exiled the dark Illuminarii for a thousand years.

Centuries passed and the lesser gods, called Infinitars, ignored their duties and went their own way, intervening harshly in the lives of mortals, igniting god wars on a whim, and mating to increase their power through their offspring, known as Eternals. In time, some Eternals grew in power and became Infinitars; a precious few infinitars rose to the lofty status of Celestial as the gods sought glory for themselves, impressing the mortals with their vast power.

Amassing armies and creating artifacts to seize control over the dimensional landscape, the gods sat back, smugly, in their immense fortresses without a care in the world. They squandered the gift they had been given and rebelled against the One Above All at every turn. While some of the gods became concerned about their routine, and sometimes reckless interactions with mortals, a few mortals found favor with the gods and were risen up to become Ascended.

Thousands of religions and hundreds of gods spread across the cosmos and myriad dimensions. Some of the mortals even made up their own gods to explain the mysteries of nature, to frighten or to inspire; there were many false religions, mixed in among the true, divinely inspired ones. The mortals worshipped false and true just the same. The gods were known by many names and titles in different regions and on different worlds and dimensions. They were worshipped in countless ways, sometimes according to their god’s actual tenets, at other times lacking understanding, the mortals worshipped deities according to what they thought best. More often than not, the mortals simply shaped their gods in their own image, according to their own will, and that practice has continued till this day.

Some of the real gods took offense at this, but some were satisfied to receive glory, however misplaced. Returned from exile, Zuledragar, along with the High Celestial, Seth Baal, Ranos the Twin-minded, and other dark gods, were satisfied that while their worshippers were still few in number, at least the One Above All had diminished in popularity as the gods asserted themselves.

Eventually, both Ranos and Seth Baal grew in popularity among the mortals and even Lucifer’s daughter, Gyria, who was enjoying a time of notoriety, commanding her demon army in the absence of her father, who remained in chains for his crimes against Dominion and the realms of mortals. Zuledragar was content to operate in anonymity while others gained the glory, but this would change in time as his thirst for vengeance and power grew.

Just as mortals went off to war over petty differences, so too did the gods, and many fell for a time, their bodies reforming slowly; the mortals continuing to worship them in ignorance, their prayers falling on deaf ears. Some mortals, discouraged that their prayers seemed to be ignored, or desiring an air of importance, created their own religions, and the more charismatic, drew others to them.

The most powerful followers were of the true gods, and they became known as Adepts. Because they were following true gods, they displayed great miracles, causing their religions to grow in numbers. Those who worshipped false gods shored up their faith by leaning on objects of power that enabled them to perform miracles as well, though sometimes the power source of their sacred object was of a different sort altogether than what they thought, or wanted to believe.

Ultimately, most of the false religions diminished, but a few remained strong, yet many of the true religions were subject to the whims of their deity’s, Powers that did not always have their best interests at heart. And whenever a god went to war, even for foolish reasons, their followers were expected to do the same, and with so many gods, conflict was frequent and so wars between faiths was frequent as well.

In time, the spreading chaos drove many ignorant mortals toward gods in less conflict and especially toward the false religions, many of which cleverly disguised themselves as non religions, and because the One Above All’s methods of interacting with mortals was less grandiose than the lesser gods, worship of the supreme being continued to diminish.

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