The Ringworld of Cathor Part 1 of 2

An incomplete ringworld with far fewer livable regions than vast, empty superstructure, Cathor began in 1979, and has slowly evolved since then. It is a world in constant, heavy conflict and has therefore been nicknamed Dungeon World, War World and Forsaken, over the years. It is a world that is dying. Not because it was improperly constructed, so much as because those that created it have been unable to protect it from internal and external forces.

fileHere’s a sliver of Cathor. For a larger view of the sliver, click here.

Divided into several sections, each .5 million miles wide by 1.5 million miles long, the world, its very construction by the enigmatic Architects, was very controversial, as world after world were plundered for material. The gods took notice; rather the gods went to war.

Ultimately, a compromise and peace agreement was reached, and though mortals at the time were completely unaware of what was transpiring, the gods allowed the ringworld to be completed. Actually, few even know to this day what happened or that they are even living on a ringworld.

Over the eons, many off-worlders have discovered the ringworld as well, some arriving to colonize or to perform recon when a previous exploration party vanished, and still others have come simply to unlock its secrets. Most who have found themselves residents of the great ring, passed through ancient stargates (either willingly or unwillingly) and never discovered they were on a ringworld. Across the cosmos are many stargates pointing directly at Cathor, and so many have come from different cultures throughout time, and it has become quite an interesting and dangerous place.

A few of the characters who started on Cathor have since become gods in the setting, and even some of the original gods were born there, having been profoundly altered by what they have discovered.  I ran adventures on other worlds, but we kept returning to Cathor. In time, I invested a great amount of time into a few other worlds, including Adara, and we moved on, leaving Cathor behind, though never far behind, for infamous guilds and major NPC’s from Cathor would sometimes visit other worlds and leave their mark.

I continued creating numerous worlds for the setting, slowly fleshing out the sectors that appeared on the star maps as we adventured by ship or stargate or artifact, and we will flesh out many more in the days ahead. But over the course of roughly 15 years of running adventures on Cathor, it holds a special place in my heart.

In Part 2 (which I’ll try to post later today or tomorrow, as time permits), I will talk a bit more about Cathor and also touch on a few other worlds in the Cosmothea Universe. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for visiting – cheers!


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