The World of Prax

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Sickness kept me from posting last week, but I’m on the mend and back at the computer, so I thought I’d take some blog space to talk about a few of the many, many worlds in the Cosmothea Campaign Setting. While one can no longer explore the fantastic world of Prax for reasons I delve into below, since it had such a deep impact on the rest of Cosmothea, I thought I’d start there.

I’ll just touch on a few worlds, and then move on to other aspects of the game and setting, as I want to give you a taste of things, and also spend some time discussing reasons why I feel a good number of gamers might prefer the Cosmothea RPG and/or setting, rather than turning to another. It would be foolish to assume that any game or setting can please everyone, but we’ll do our best to polish them both and offer up a creative alternative. With that said, welcome to Prax!

Long ago, in a backwater system, there arose two powerful empires, one of magic, the other embracing technology. Theirs was a world in utter chaos, bound by fear and jealousy, and those miserable companions followed their people across the stars.

While it has been said that legendary Prax was removed from its heavenly foundation and sent adrift during the last, great war, ultimately collapsing due to their folly, the elves and gnomes lived on, and were scattered across the dimensions. They left behind only rubble, marking their once-great world, that and an artifact known as the Earth Gate, though it lay in hiding for a time.

Those that came after, sprung up on a thousand worlds, were ignorant of the old ways. The elves were no longer capable of shaping the ancient eleventh and twelfth level spells and found even simpler spells were no longer theirs to command without a cost. Having been cursed and split, the survivors fled to other realms and hid from the bloodthirsty gnomes.

Seeing that the elves were no longer the threat they once were, the gnomes began wiping them out until they too became cursed and fallen by powers that dwarfed their own. Terrified and desperate, the gnomes, no longer able to grasp the complexities of advanced technology cried out for help as their colony ships tumbled into the vast dark, more like mass coffins than opportunities to settle new worlds.

A number of gnomes not wholly different than the total elves they had slain since Prax had fallen, found themselves trapped, and died inside some of those great vessels. The survivors were brought to rest on several worlds. The gnomes that emerged went into hiding.

In time, the elves and gnomes carved new kingdoms on distant worlds, eventually making peace, though tentative at best in most parts. What they left behind, scattered across the stars; across the myriad dimensions, were magic-damaged ruins, artifacts and magical abominations; great marvels of technology, ruins, and technological horrors that have changed life across Cosmothea forever.

Though Prax is still a place of legendary status in the minds of elves and gnomes alike, the birthplace of the most advanced magic and technology the universe has ever seen, if such stories can be believed, is now little more than an asteroid belt in a seemingly insignificant star system dozens of parsecs from civilized space. Perhaps among the sacred relics and tomes of the elves and gnomes, more light can be shed on that once-glorious world, alas those that survived the ages, are safely tucked away out of the public eye and all we have today are stories passed down from generation to generation.

What mysteries might be possible to unveil within the asteroid belt itself, if any, reside in a quarantined region of space, with only the presence of the Earth Gate to suggest their may be some validity to their claims. Prax is but one of many homeworlds that spawned the great species that can be found across the realms.

[Note: As with all of the posts on this Cosmothea blog, except where otherwise noted, it is copyrighted. All rights reserved. So please respect that. Thanks!]


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